The Beginning

junk drawer
Look! It’s any number of things in a drawer!

Thanks for joining us at Any Number of Things!  Here we explore the ideas behind things that come in, or with, numbers.  Think of the seven deadly sins, the four points of the compass, the five stages of grief,  or maybe there are some numbers in the news — this is where we get into them.  What do these things mean to us as individuals?  What do we have in common?  What didn’t we know about these things?  Would you rather be thrifty, clean, or reverent?  Hey, kids, maybe you can be all three!

This is going to be an interesting journey.  We’ve done podcasting before, but not like this.  More guests, more field recording, more topics, it promises to be a wild ride.  So stay tuned, bookmark, follow, do whatever you have to do to listen.  Maybe you’ll thank us on the lips.

The shows will be here soon!